I practice Yoga to return home; to divinity, to purity and to truth; to rediscover sacred connections and to find liberation through unity.

To me, Yoga is about being vulnerable enough to confront myself in every moment, to peel back the layers of my many different identities and reveal my true form as spirit. 

It’s about being vulnerable enough to accept imperfection as truth whilst also knowing that, in essence, I am complete. It’s about embracing change and being courageous enough to surrender to the journey I am being guided on.

It’s about stopping and listening to what my soul is expressing and being grateful for my life.

It is important for me to find an intention within each Yogic practice I carry out; whether that be asana, meditation, pranayama, ethics. 

Practicing with purpose allows me to become more present and reflective and through this process, my own healing begins.

Through Yoga I find strength, clarity and courage. Through Yoga, I am able to find myself. Through Yoga, I come home.