February 7, 2019 in StorytellingVIDEOGRAPHY

“Discovering who I am deep inside ? That’s always constantly changing. I’ll never really know, and thats ok. And I don’t need to know. We’ve been conditioned to think we’ll figure ourselves out. That we’ll get to this one point where we’ll know conclusively who we are. But we’re always constantly changing and transforming, letting go, letting go […]

S E L F – D O U B T
May 13, 2018 in Short FilmVIDEOGRAPHY

   Self-doubt you could say, is the gremlin that laughs, judges and rebukes whatever pursuits we may be undergoing and how we’re progressing. So how do we nurture the seed of our potential when confronted with the gremlin? What shift needs to take place to reaffirm that where we are and how we’re currently […]

Heart-Attack : Empowerment Program

Heart Attack is a month long course that gives you the opportunity to transform your personal limits into strengths and maximize your full potential. The aim is to give you practical tools and direction to achieve your optimal way of life, whatever that is uniquely for you. It is these experiences within our safe, supportive […]