A lot of people abuse you as they walk past, the’ll say get a job, they think your scamming, like “oh don’t give him money or whatever, he’s not homeless or whatever.

My mum was an alcoholic, my dad was a drinker too. Dad was really violent, he use to bash mum and break her arm and stuff like that. And violent towards us kids. I use to get whipped with bits of wire.

I got sick of it when i was young and I took off. I was 11 or 12.

I was living in Queensland with mum and dad and got to Sydney.

I was sitting down with other young fellas and that’s when one of them introduced me to drugs you know. First time he introduced me was paint. It was Chromium paint. Sniffing paint and that kind of thing. And that made me feel warm and took my worries away, I liked it. 

For some reason I was instantly addicted like Heroin.

I carried that addiction most my life. 24 years of my life. When I got married, my wife got me some paint to sniff, whilst I had a small kid. It was part of my life.

Then I ended up picking up on Heroine. 

Fifty dollars a cap. Probably spend 4,5 or $600 a day. Something like that for my Heroin. 

I’ll start spewing up, vomiting up vile if I don’t have it. If I don’t get it i’ll curl up on the ground and go through hot and cold shakes. My clothing will get wet just from the sweat just coming out of my body. Someone will ring an ambulance for me in the end. Someone will.

It’s like dancing with the devil.

It’s one of the worse things ever. I’ve never experienced any pain like it. Even now. Like I’m on the methadone program and I’m not touching the Heroine but i’ll still get withdrawals from the Heroin.

I started talking to family again. I talk to my family now that makes me feel good. Though I only have had that connection with them recently. And thats with my mum.

Mum and dad straightened up in the end. They ended up realising how bad they were. But took them most of their lives to realise you know. So our lives were wasted aswell. 

But I don’t hold that against them you know. Everyone is entitled to change.

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Jason Frasor | Sydney