Wayapa | Drawing On 80,000 years of Aboriginal Ways of Knowing

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The idea of a lighthouse has been resonating with me of late. The idea that the lighthouse does many sweeps and picks up different people depending on where they are at at the time. And the light keeper is there to ensure the light is maintained. And where I’m at at the moment is painting and preserving the light I have within myself to keep it going.

I think it’s really important for country to know it’s been nurtured by thousands of years of ancient Aboriginal knowledge and culture. And now it’s about decolonising Aboriginal people, reviving our culture.

In Victoria they were denied to speak their language, told who to marry, forced removal, so it’s a reclaiming the essence of who they are and fortifying their nest.

We have high suicide rates and levels of incarnation but because some aboriginal people have been battered and carry intergenerational trauma, they don’t reach out for help.

So there has never been any aboriginal terrorist. They don’t actually lash out. We have this term called if your oppressed and the oppressor is so powerful and omnipotent you actually lash out on the people you love the most. And sometimes unfortunately that’s yourself. We have kids who are nine committing suicide.

Alana Marsh | Sydney

Reviving culture is a protective factor and resilience against this stuff. And everyone has vulnerabilities and pitfalls. And so when you add layers of colonisation and unemployment and media labels you as shit it creates a perfect storm.

So that whole strength based activation is just amazing with Wayapa Wuurrk.

I think it’s crucial to nourish the nest within. And I think compassion, understanding and kindness can only come when your nest has integrity.

I do visualisations looking at three things. The colour, the texture and integrity of our inner-nest and how we can intentionally check in with what it looks like right now and intentionally adding to that.

There are a hundred practitioners trained in Australia, and its an earth based reconnectivity practice. It’s been refined for the past 80,000 years.

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