24 days old Sabina Blu comes out of a Mesomerican sweat-lodge ceremony originating in Mexico called Temazcal with her father Tomas in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Temazcal is a ritual that has been practiced for hundreds of years by the indigenous people of Mesoamerica. It is known to be a cleansing ritual that can help release deep-seated traumas kept in our cellular memory.

Today, the Temazcal ritual is greatly valued for its health benefits and practiced in different parts of South America.

As well as the deep introspective journey the Temazcal can invite one to, Temazcal is also known to provide mental clarity, a deep skin cleansing, relaxation and a overall experience of feeling grounded.

During the ritual, which takes place inside a dome shaped hut, one can experience intensifying heat going upto 40 degrees celcius. The heat is released of hot stones (revered as grandmothers) and heated by a fire.

The natives view the stones as carrying ancient memory that can reconnect us to our origins as humans. Hence, the dome shaped hut in which we sit symbolises going back inside the mother’s womb.

The ceremony begins with sacred songs being sung alongside the beat of the drum.

Singing sacred songs alongside other people creates an empowering feeling off interconnectedness.

Sabina did not cry once during the whole ceremony, which lasted for an hour.

Her humility was inspiring to say the least.