I don’t want to smile because my teeth are really bad haha. I once had a wife, many houses but I sold and left it all. My kids are all grown up too now doing really well for themselves. I’ll be fifty eight in a few days. I quit smoking, its been seven years now. Doctors told me my left lung is close to complete. I’d smoke two 20 gram packs a day in the past. Now my house runs on wheels and I travel for work as a labourer all around Austrailia. I love Australia. I love my country. So vast, wild and open, and places I still have yet to explore.

It’s funny how I have to pay to camp though. How everything now has become privately owned. I can’t put my trailer out in nature without having to pay. And people assume because I’m on the road I smell or will shit in the bush, but that’s not the case hahaha.

I’ve not watched tv for the past twelve years since being in a trailer. I only read books. I see all the politicians on tv now and they’ve all gone a bit fat and speak the same jargon hahaha.  It’s all a bit comical in that world over there.

Backpackers that come and work on farms realise it can be real challenging right, sometimes gruelling, with the hours and heat that has to be endured.

Well say 200 years ago Aborginals were working on these farms but weren’t paid a dime, and would sometimes be killed or thrown off cliff ledges if they didn’t perform to the expectations of the English. 

Our history is revolting.

Many convicts were brought from Ireland to work for labour in Australia around the same time. I believe the English did this because the Aboriginals are nomads. They’d disappear in a moment because thats how they are.

Even today, one day you’ll be working side by side with an Aboriginal and the next day you may not see him or her.

Being in one place or even owning much possessions has never been a part of their culture. They would always give away or share what they have.

I could maybe say the same for myself.

Neil | Bowen , Queensland | Australia