Weaving Families Of The World: Inspired by Carl Jung

September 24, 2017 in Family Series: Inspired By Carl JungPhotography

Elephant: ‘The power of consciousness that gives us the ability to survive in the world’ connecting us to our family, tribe, community, earth (Redmond 55:2004)

‘Weaving Families Of The World’ is a photographic project inspired by Krunals’ interest in Carl Jung. Jung explains that when we build a strong and meaningful connection with our family, friends and our environment, we become firmly rooted to our own existence as human beings.

Jung uses the elephant as an analogy to explain that, it is through the support of our ‘Family, tribe, community, earth’ (Redmond 55:2004) that we feel a sense of belonging, which essentially gives us the power to then be the co-creators of our own lives.

Masia Mara, Kenya


Secondary Sources

Redmond, L. Chakra Meditation: Transformation Through the Seven Energy Centres of the Body



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