Weaving Families Of The World: Inspired by Carl Jung

by Sunday, September 24, 2017

Elephant: ‘The power of consciousness that gives us the ability to survive in the world’ connecting us to our family, tribe, community, earth (Redmond 55:2004)

Jung, writing in ‘Psychology Of Kundalini Yoga’ discusses the root chakra as being the base chakra that brings us grounding to our existence on earth.

Inspired by Hindu philosophy, Jung discusses the seven chakras or energy centres within our body and how each centre reflects how evolved we are as human beings.

If one energy centre is blocked or has not been worked upon throughout our life, we can sometimes be confronted with challenges related to the significance behind that chakra.

The root chakra relates to the importance of feeling supported and connected to our family, friends and our environment.

When we are firmly connected to our root chakra, we experience our own significance and confidence to be the co-creators of our own lives.

Masia Mara, Kenya


Secondary Sources

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