The Art of Storytelling : Discovering My Magic

by Thursday, March 8, 2018

In 2017 I learnt, there are no mysteries to magic. Once I learn how to tap into my own inner power. It has not been easy. But I chose it.

I began storytelling upon my travels. During this time, I’ve had to adapt and move to the energy of new places. This has meant learning a new language, culture and also building trustworthy relationships with different people and communities that I wanted to be a part of and record.

So for myself, the art of storytelling first begins with building a honest, open and sincere relationship with my environment. This takes time, patience, will-power, and ultimately belief in the projects that I’ve wanted to pursue.

Because not everyone wants to be in front of the camera and not everyone feels comfortable being watched by the camera. The camera has a way of making us feel judged for everything we may say; this can make us feel anxious.

So the art of storytelling for myself first begins with connecting with the person I want to base a story around, in the most sincere way. This means creating a safe space to then allow that person to open up and express their authenticity, their magic, their power, their uniqueness.

The art of storytelling also requires that I perform my work with a touch of grace; composing each shot, colour, tone, angle, feeling and moment as a journey that brings together what I seek to show, reflecting on a wider scale, the personality of that person, community and place.

Each time that I created something I truly believed in, each time I experienced something foreign and discomforting, I felt closer to discovering my own magic as a storyteller.


That is knowing who we are



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