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Shaped like a dome, the Temazcal tent symbolises going back inside the mothers womb and reconnecting with ourselves in the most innate way.

Also called ‘medicine of the relations’ Native Indians do Temazcal as a way to connect with themselves and all relations on this planet on a more deeper, heart-centered level.

The ceremony was conducted by medicine woman Fernanda Lourenço and her husband Bhagat Param Singh.

Fernanda Lourenço lived and worked with Guaranis people in Brazil for 9 months and is a counsellor of the sacred fire.
She made some rituals within the red path, which is also called sun dance/vision quest.

Fernanda quotes:

My purpose to follow the red path is to follow what my heart
feels. Allow my being to be in harmony with all the movements
of life. Honouring all ancestry and all sacred altars.
To be a guardian of the knowledge and wisdom, so I can
pass it to future generations to show
how to respect and care for the elements of nature

You can watch the full-video here, where Fernanda talks about the healing effects of Temazcal and how it originates from the sacred wisdom and knowledge kept by the Native Indians thousands of years ago.



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