August 29, 2017 in PhotographySTREET IS EVERYTHING : STREET SERIES

‘Projections’ is a term Swiss psychologist & mystic Carl Jung uses to describe how, what we like or dislike in others is the aspects we admire or need to work upon ourselves.

Our unconscious mind can reveal our own projections through dreams. The people we see in our dreams, can symbolise the personality traits we carry, and can provide the key into unlocking our true nature as human beings.

I have just begun a photographic project that explores ‘projections’ through my own experience photographing different people and places.

Why do such places and people compel me to take the photograph in the first place?

This is a photo I took of ‘Fernando’ who lives in a small village town called Torotoro, Bolivia. For me, his contours, stature and poignant look that gleams through his eyes exposes a beloved mystery that lays within me and all of us, waiting to be explored and embraced.


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