Honouring The Dignity Of Lost Ones

October 13, 2017 in PhotographySTREET IS EVERYTHING : STREET SERIES

SwinG, Salsa, Ballet, MamBo, Bounce, hip-hoP, caporierA,, tanGo, waltZZ, fOLK; dance is freedom of expression and illustration of different traditions, values and beliefs that have inspired & transformed history, culture and people.

Bolivia : Oruro Festival

The Oruro festival is a dynamic movement that honours the strength and dignity of the indigenous and African people migrated and enslaved by the Spanish Conquistadors for mining and wine production in the 1600.

The pink whip in the right hand, and heeled boots with large bells, stomps back and forth in aggressive motion, illustrating the hard reality of slaves.

The folkloric dance on the other hand shows men and women wearing costumes shaped like barrels, motioning in circular gaiety, symbolic for the wine production.

Through dance, the Oruro festival honours and holds high human-rights, forgiveness, integrity and strength of humankind over conquests that subjugated people to disempowerment.

In this short video I’ve captured the Oruro festival shows a beautiful masquerade of humankind, expressing a symphony of suave and swift rhythms that I felt fortunate to have saw and be a part of.