Natural Movement – Surrendering Not Forcing

September 30, 2017 in DocumentaryHealth & WellnessSELF-DEVELOPMENTVIDEOGRAPHY

There was a period in my life where I dedicated a lot of time in the gym doing weights. The strength, the stimulation and the ascetics that developed sure did fuel my self-esteem.


But for me it was simply this – lifting weights, using machines and eating healthy. There was no real connection, awareness or conscious thought of how it really made me feel internally.

 I had many injuries and gave myself little or no rest and would keep lifting for the mere stimulation that lifting weights provided.
Once I experienced my fourth lower back injury I decided to implement a lot of stretches and yoga into my training. It sure was amazing to see how the development of my flexibility would later bring fluidity, agility and lightness into my body.
Exercise thus for me became not so much about being strong, but about surrendering to the sensations, moving and flowing fluidly with each movement.
Venezuelan Red Howler: Amazon, Peru
 Today, my exercise routine has evolved so much more then what it use to be, and my body has likewise evolved into a free-flowing movement from its rigid past.
In this short video, I interview lifestyle coach Paul D’Ambrosio. He talks about natural movement exercises and how and why its different from strength exercises, and what benefit it can bring us all.

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