Death Road

December 7, 2017 in PhotographySTREET IS EVERYTHING : STREET SERIES

Bolivia : Death Road

We sometimes choose to undertake thrill-seeking experiences, because we get the feeling of being fully awake, forgetting for that exact moment, the past and future histories that play a repetitive melody in the mind. Ultimately it takes us to the centre of our hearts making us realise what really matters.
A 40 mile stretch of a continuous downhill lane, guided by the angel of death, Death road has taken many lives due to its crooked, narrow and unforeseen turns that merge with the thick blanket of clouds, fog and abyss.

Crucifixes are scattered throughout the lane, marking the death of men, women, and children who sat as passengers in overloaded buses and trucks overtaking each other, dropping off cliffs.
The winding road stretches 69kms from La Paz to Coroico, connecting the Amazonian rain-forest to the capital city.

Paraguayan prisoners from the Chaco war between Paraguay and Bolivia built the road to transport coca, coffee and tropical fruits.
Now a tourist attraction, cyclist ride down the road, and I alongside & my boy Edgar Montenegro decided to take it on.

With a group of people, our cyclist guide offers us a 80% bottle of alcohol to sip, as a way to pay respect to the spirit of the road and to all those that passed away.