Family Series: Inspired By Carl Jung

Elephant: ”The power of consciousness that gives us the ability to survive in the world’ connecting us to our Family, tribe, community, earth” (Redmond 55:2004)

‘Weaving Families Of The World’ is a photographic project inspired by interest in Carl Jung, who explains that when we build a strong and meaningful connection with our family, friends and our environment, we become firmly rooted to our own existence as human beings; we essentially become empowered.

I wish to capture the importance of human relationships through the subject of ‘Family’.

Same Sex Union

by Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Weaving Families Of The World Photo Series : Sydney, Austrailia

52 years of being together, today this couple are both 80 years old, uniting their vows at a registry in Sydney, Austrailia with same sex marriage only being legislated January 2018

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