February 7, 2019 in StorytellingVIDEOGRAPHY

“Discovering who I am deep inside ? That’s always constantly changing. I’ll never really know, and thats ok. 
And I don’t need to know. 
We’ve been conditioned to think we’ll figure ourselves out. 
That we’ll get to this one point where we’ll know conclusively who we are.

But we’re always constantly changing and transforming, letting go, letting go and letting go.

It’s always been the journey for me rather than the destination”.

This a is short introduction to a 5 part series based on “The Human connection Movement”, co-created by Igor Kreyman.
After struggling with his own lack of connection with his environment, Igor created the Human connection movement; a safe space that allows people to become vulnerable and connect to the deepest layers of their own sense of self.
Music : Artlist
Produced, directed & edited by Krunal Padhiar
This is a short story shared by James about his personal experience with loneliness and how his life changed when he found a sense of belonging, purpose and connection to the rest of humanity.
Actor : Steven Simmeons
Music : Artlist
Produced, directed & edited by Krunal Padhiar

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