Brazilian Funk : Movement Of The People

January 31, 2018 in PhotographyStorytellingSTREET IS EVERYTHING : STREET SERIES

”Brazilian FUNK
. The lyrics are LEWD
. The Beat is Gritty
. The Outsiders Stereotype
. Though It has an Origin. 
Unseen & Misunderstood. 
A Historical Movement
. Consequence of the People. 
Movement Of The Displaced, who now live in The Favelas”

Luiza Marson Morais

Sao Paulo, Brazil

”Brazilian Funk is more then just hard-hitting base, drugs and sex.

It is a political movement.

 And It is not just music for the people of the Favelas, but to people of the world.

 It is a reflection of the inequality that forces people to live on the hills, because of race, slavery and stereotype. 
I’m not from the favelas but I know funk”

For me photographing the city streets includes the invitation into ones home. 
The streets talk about culture, the coming together of the people. 
The home is the cornerstone to ones identity.

This is what makes the streets



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