by Saturday, August 26, 2017

I met David In a community in Bolivia. It was a broken down communication of Portuguese & English, but that didn’t falter the exchange of good vibes that were sparked.

We discover we have the same taste in groovy beats, and that grooviness lead David to bring out the juggles. In a moment, I drop what I’m doing, capturing the ZEN that sways In his dance.

My name is David Silva. I’m Brazilian, born in Campinas -São Paulo. I’m 24 years old . I’ve known juggling for 5 years, and I’ve been working on the street for 4 years.

My first contact with juggling was on my first trip to South America, in Argentina. The juggling was presented to me by Argentinians I met at the traffic lights, who were performing in front of the cars.

I had seen jugglers, admired the art, but I had never been interested up until I met these Argentinians.

I discovered that with juggling it would be possible to travel, work, have fun and entertain people.

Everyone wins (except the judgmental, who do not accept art as a humble and honest job. Poor thing …)

Today I am very grateful that my life has presented me with juggling, which for me was something that had several reactions causing me to have many events.

In addition to sustaining me financially, Juggling has also inspired me to understand my body and mind better, which is reflected in the way I do my daily tasks. It has also allowed me to create bonds with people from various parts of the world, giving me the opportunity to meet other people and cultures.






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